Monday, December 5, 2016

The End Of Stronger Together

1130_hillary-clintons-plane-paint-job-tmz-wmHillary Clinton's campaign plane is pulling one last job before calling it quits -- a paint job.
The bird is getting an overhaul at Dean Baldwin Aircraft Painting in Roswell, NM. Hillary's campaign was leasing the 14-year-old 737, and it's unclear what kind of service it's going into next ... but we're sure HRC's logo won't be needed.
The jet will be remembered for not making enough stops in Iowa, Michigan or Wisconsin. However, it did have a good run in Ohio ... after the campaign. The University of Dayton men's basketball team reportedly used it to fly to an away game a week after the election.
Unlike Hillary, they won a close game.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

WBTV Tornado Alert Fail

This evening I took dinner, simple take out stuff, to my parents house just as a line of strong thunderstorms swept in to the Upstate of South Carolina and pressed on into the Charlotte area.

The parents are both in their early 80s, sharpe minded, active seniors who watch mainly FOX News. Both are fairly iPad and iPhone smart. Mom's on Facebook and Twitter, Dad texts when he wants help and dad still heads to the office every morning.

A little after 6 both of their iPhones chirp to life with weather alerts. At my suggestion they turn on the flat screen and change it from Fox to WBTV. 

The next 20 minutes is sobering because the message that WBTV delivers is lost in the confusion of malfunctioning on screen graphics and the non senseical voice of Eric Thomas who is talking a mile a minute. The radar image zooms in and out, then pans up and down, north then south, zoom out zoom in, pop ups burst onto the screen and then vanish, zoom zoom zoom. The colors change and the pop ups come and go. It's madness. 

Thomas is having trouble with the computer and images vanish then reappear only for a second or two. Thomas shifts from giving massive inforrnational overload to giving a just this side of a FCC barage of profanity directed at his computer.

Finally my mother says "I don't understand a word he's saying" do we need to take cover? The images continue, Fort Mill, Chester, Rock Hill, Huntersville, Shelby, Charlotte, zoom in, zoom out, pan, pan and pan again. My father points out that they are talking about Uptown Charlotte, as a live shot from CMPD headquarters fades back to Eric Thomas. 

The answer is no, we don't need to take cover. But I'm keeping a watchful eye on my iPad's wx app that's showing a live radar picture. I'm also watching outside, where there is nothing but light rain.

Thankfully we are in a hole in the line, heavy weather to the west and north, more heavy weather to the south. But here nothing.

Eric Thomas' voice a stracotto rapid fire phalanx of nonsense continues to blast from the kitchen television. Finally we vote to mute the stupid bastard while he is trying to explain wind patterns represented by radar image in colors of Christmas red and green. 

My mother wonders aloud if the colors are just for the holidays?

Sobering is the fact that neither parent has a sense of urgency, despite being in the direct line of approaching thunderstorms and two possible tornados. Facts that Eric Thomas has failed to provide to viewers. All the radar and computer technology in the world can't make up for the lack of clear and concise reporting. 

Eric Thomas has failed to inform these two people despite the fact that they were watching his weather report. To my parents the ever changing map was of little value and Eric Thomas was unable to convey even the need to pay attention to the weather. 

Much of the time the crawl at the bottom of the screen blocked out crucial information. Just when you were able to locate your home Thomas would shift the view to something else.

Eric Thomas might want to try to say more with fewer words. As far as my parents are concerned he talks way too much and is far too excitable. 

How many seniors watched WBTV tonight and sat at their kitchen table as a tornado passed over head? I'd bet a bunch thanks to Eric Thomas and WBTV.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Another Stolen Valor Confrontation Gone Bad

A Texas veteran says he was disgraced and humiliated at a Chili’s restaurant, on a day meant to honor and pay tribute.

On Veterans Day, Ernest Walker and his service dog were enjoying the free meal that Chili’s Restaurants across the country were offering to veterans.

Walker was wearing a military uniform without a nametag, which he purchased after retirement, when he says another customer at the Cedar Hill, Texas restaurant questioned whether he was actually in the service.

Walker says an elderly customer approached him and asked about his service.

“‘They didn’t let you blacks over in World War II,’ That’s exactly what he said to me, but this guy is 70-some years old,” Walker recalled.

(CP Notes: The customer is clearly wacked, for Walker to be a WWII vet he'd have to be around 90 years old. Maybe the old guy was just an angry racist?)

The man left and walked toward the back of the restaurant. Soon, a manager came to Walker’s table.

When a manager then questioned the veteran, he showed him his discharge papers and identification. “He should have said, ‘thank you for your service; I’m sorry.’ Instead of him saying that, he says to me, ‘well he [the other customer] says your service dog is not real and you haven't removed your hat so you're a fake.'”

(CP Notes: On the video the manager can be seen taking Walker’s food away. Walker clearly agitated didn't really help his case but you can't blame him.) 

CP Update: The manager was fired and Chilli's apologized.

Cedar's Take: The "Stolen Valor" enforcer bull shit has gotten out of hand. Sure there are posers out taking advantage of free food, up front parking, getting dates with gullible women and taking advantage of the gratitude of others, but if I called out every retired service member for not removing their "cover" (hat) entering a restaurant I'd be freaking crazy busy.

US Naval Academy midshipmen learn early on the phrase "Eyes in the boat" in other words worry about yourself and not others.

I'm guilty of cracking of my CMPD friends for standing around with their hands in their pockets, and there's this retired Marine who every Sunday walks into the Original Pancake House wearing his dirty Marine Corps hat and happily dines with it affixed to his head.

As many retired and former service members I know who proudly display their service there are many who don't. They quietly go about their lives seeking neither free stuff or gratitude. I have an acquaintance who served in both Iraq and Afghanistan and as he put it, "I just got tired of hearing thank you for your service".

When I asked him why, he responded that it wasn't that he didn't appreciate the accolades it was just he was tired of talking about it, then he added then there are the jackasses who want to quiz me with trick questions. I'm just tired of the "bull shit".

Sunday, November 13, 2016

It's Happening Sweetheart Trump Stuns Liberal Press And Liberal Moon Bats

Celebrities sobbing online, college kids unable to cope turning to group "cry-ins" where tissues and hot chocolate are passed out. One college invited undergrads to try coloring books and playdoh to deal with the grief of Hillary losing the election.

Perhaps it is understandable, given that we have raised a bunch of pussies. Lock step education where everyone graduates, participation trophies just for showing up. Obama's back to back victories and Hillary Clinton's unchallenged assent to become the democrat's great white hope, all led to the shocking reality that someone had to lose.

Can you imagine, your employer closing the office or factory for a week so that you can emotionally collect yourself? A dozen colleges did just that, they canceled classes, and postponed exams for so the melting precious snow flakes could mourn and comfort each other.

Dozens of libtard media types felt is was necessary to post "how to" guides on explaining Hillary's loss to your children.  One explained the defeat of Hilz to his 6 year old this way:

"Imagine the stupidest thing you could ever do, like peeing on a stack of pancakes. Now, imagine that the United States is a stack of pancakes. Millions of grownups just peed on it.”

Protests sprang up overnight in cities where Hillary had the votes locked up. The madness of protesting after the election, is like holding a pep rally after your team lost 34 to Zip!

Can you imagine forking over $60k per year for your daughter to attend Cornell and this is the photo that greets you on Thursday evening? Can you imagine?

Cedar's Take: Arrested intellectual development goes hand in hand with arrested emotional development. In other words, stupid is as stupid does.

Many of these precious snowflakes distraught over the defeat of Hillary Clinton are clearly unable to cope with the realities of life ahead. As Cedar's see it these nut cases may never recover from the sudden realization that contrary to what their parent told them you can't be whatever you want to be. You can only be who you are.

Seriously flawed these liberal moon bats think this is normal, its perfectly understandable to have a melt down over the defeat of Hillary because in their world the election was everything. In reality national elections happen every four years, someone wins, someone loses and life goes.

Protesting for five nights straight is nutty and this is why America voted for Trump. 

Most republicans expected the coronation of Hillary Clinton to go ahead as planned, even as the polls showed a closer race. But what was missed on the masses was that most weekly polls for two months prior to the election showed Clinton's lead was usually within the margin of error.

Then there's the recurring electoral college debate.

Yes cupcake that's right most of the geographic nation didn't vote for Hillary. All those people who live in rural and small town America have a voice and they said no.

Its as simple as Ford over Prius, Budweiser over Pinot Noir. Fact is Tofu lost to Steak and Baked Potato, and you should have seen this coming.

Hilz didn't couldn't relate to hard working America. Her campaign staff knew this and kept her rallies to cities were they new she would win.

I know, I know Hillary won the popular vote. Sad isn't it.  

One college kid screaming that Hillary won the popular vote, "she was elected, the electoral college is bull shit" adding with increasing volume "the world is changing, the world is changing".

Yep the world is changing, and its happening sweetheart, its happening.

Conservative hard working America, finally found its voice. So sit down and shut up.   

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Monday Odds And Ends - Election 2016 Edition

Panthers Ugly Win - It's 2am and Roger Goodell's personal cell phone is ringing, but the calls are going straight to voice mail. The familiar "I'm sorry but the mail box you've reached is full and can not accept any additional messages at this time." Does little to satisfy a certain caller.

It's tough being a star player in the NFL, thougher when you spend four quarters seeing stars circling around your head. But as Cam Newton found out Sunday sometimes throwing your weight around letting the entire league know your on first name basis with the top guy, tends to put a really big target on your uniform.

Newton was sacked five times Sunday at LA's Memorial Stadium and was under pressure countless other times. Newton might have expected at least a text from his BFF Roger, but none came. Neîther did the yellow flags that Newton kept looking for after his fifth sack of the day taking a LA Rams shoulder to the helmet. 

Nope that definitely wasn't fun.

But there might be some good news Panthers will have two home games back to back before Thanksgiving and have a chance to get back to .500. Surprised?

If not this might surprise you Dallas yes the Cowboys are 7-1 as are unsurprisingly the Patriots, on a sad note John Fox and the Bears are 2-6 ugh!

The Afterglow In Wrigleyville - Cedar's cousin lives in Wrigleyville and posted these photos Thursday morning which I promptly stole to share with you.

Cubs 1908 World Series Champions 

Finally my grandfather's 1945 Cubs Baseball and three finger baseball glove, a faded and tattered connection to the past. The ball with signatures from 14 members of the team several impossible to read. But this ball was passed around the dugout one Sunday afternoon in 1945.

Go Cubs Go 

Oh yes the Election - Thank God we are nearly done with this election process. The smell is overwhelming. The FBI folding like a lawn chair, the bias reporting, Trump's mouth, Hillary's voice. And saving the worst for last Mecklenburg County Board of County Comissioners Vilma Leake will be re-elected again. Looking forward to another 2 years of mindless comments like this:


Cedar's Take: The election process is far too long. The idea of one nation under God is lost.

If I had it my way there would be one primary date and one election date.

No election ads print radio TV or internet on election day.

PAC's would be banned.

Using another candidate's image without consent would be forbidden.

Polls would be outlawed.

Uniform laws with regard to voting times, and registration requirements.

Robo Calls would be unlawful

Early voting would be limited to one date two weeks prior.

Election Day would be a national holiday.

Monday, November 7, 2016

WBTV's Blinky - AKA Sarah-Blake Morgan Brings Annoying To Never Seen Before Levels

| WBTV Charlotte

This is amazing watch the on camera start and end of Sarah-Blake Morgan's report of Barrack Obama's visit to Charlotte. How many time does Blinky blink? Got me I lost track at 28 times in 30 seconds. The video may also still be here.

A few weeks ago, I got a lot of grief for picking on Blinky's "Bride of Chucky" look when she interviewed CMPD Chief Kerr Putney. Maybe that was a little harsh, and I should have just poked her in the eye because of her soft ball questions regarding the sharp increase in crime and the department's response to the Keith Scott protests and riots.

After all, what is really scary is the local media talking heads who let former CMPD Chief Rodney Monroe promote his phony crime stats for years. These are the same reporters who are now blown away by the sudden dramatic rise in all types of crime.

You'd think they would figure this out.

Now I do give props for Blinky standing fearlessly among the rioting masses during the pointless Keith Scott shooting protests, that took some nerve or maybe not.

So back to Friday's POTUS Visit:

Here's Blinky's tweet about Barrack Obama's visit to Charlotte last Friday.

"Thousands packing into PNC to hear @POTUS speak" tweets Sarah-Blake Morgan, but the photo shows maybe 100 people.

So when I call her out on this embellishment her response is to block me on twitter.

Maybe I was too mean to point out that her math skills were lacking. But clearly she was before the event started, planning to promote the local DNC message of "thousands".

Kristen Hampton weighed in and wants me to show a little respect and #benice #bekind

I know it should all be good news.

But if Sarah-Blake Morgan she was a real reporter she would have noted that PNC Pavilion holds 19,500 guests and that while the Mecklenburg DNC reported 8,500 attendees, CMPD's count was around 5,200. These sort of things always have crazy amounts of no shows. Which...

Means Barrack Obama's appearance, his solo act, barely filled 25% of the venue.

I'll admit she steered clear of the DNC claim that the event brought together people from all across the state, when she pointed out that the crowd, unlike the above screen grab, was mainly "young and African American".

Yes the white folks behind the President are selected to stand behind him because they are wait for it.... white.

Kristen Hampton further responds to my calling out by saying Blinky is a "great story teller". Maybe that's true, if so she Binky might want to stick to writing fiction.

Otherwise she's no better than these two from ABC news who added crime scene tape for dramatic effect to their live shot.

By the way, the above photo was tweeted by a competing news crew from CNN, proof that there is indeed "no honor among thieves".

Perhaps more telling was this idiotic Halloween post of both Blinky and her husband fellow WBTV reporter Nick Ochsner.

Yep they actually dressed up as sleep deprived reporters covering the election and the presidential candidates.

OK I give, its kinda cute and pretty funny.

But I don't want cute and funny, I want the news, I want the facts, I don't want embellished slanted news, I don't want to be told how I should feel, or that I should cry (Molly) just the facts ma'am just the facts.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Friday Wrap Up - Curse Of The Goat Edition

Cubs Win - If your not a Cubs fan you likely don't care. But who is not a Cubs fan?

1945 Cubs Team Baseball and 3 Finger Baseball Glove Circa 1938
"Loveable Losers" one of many nick names that earned the team the perception of being the worst team in baseball. "Cubs End 108 Year Drought" somewhat misleading as well. "Finally" well just depends, on who you talk to and their perspective.

As a team the Cubs have always had an impressive following. Wrigley Field has basically remained unchanged over the years, yet the team remains in the top ten attendance rankings year after year.

2012 saw the Cubs finish dead last yet the team had sell out crowds for most night and weekend games. Average attendance in 2012 just over 35 thousand. Average attendance in 2016 just over 39 thousand. Compare that to Tampa at 14,000.

So about this drought, the real drought ended in 1984 when the Cubs made the playoffs for the first time since 1945. They returned to the play offs in 1989, 1998, 2003, 2007, 2008 and 2015.

World Series Losers - The Cubs made appearances in the World Series in 1910, 1918, 1929, 1932, 1935, 1938, 1945 and lost every time. But that was before the curse. Hearing ESPN reporter refer to a 108 year curse, I so loath the misinformed. They were indeed loveable losers long before the curse of the goat.

About that goat - Murphy, the goat was banned from Wrigley Field because, well goats tend to smell bad, and not please about his pet's dismissal the owner of the goat William Sianis put a curse on the Cubs.

There are various versions of what happened when William Sianis showed up at Wrigley Field with his guest "Murphy".

The most popular one goes like this: The ushers stopped Sianis, told him no animals were allowed in the park. Sianis appealed to P. K. Wrigley himself, who confirmed the decision: “Let Billy in,” the Cubs owner said. “But not the goat.”

Sianis, incensed, demanded an explanation. And Wrigley gave him one. “Because the goat stinks,” he said. No matter the version of the story, this part is not in dispute: Sianis told Wrigley, “The Cubs ain’t gonna win no more, the Cubs will never win a World Series so long as the goat is not allowed in Wrigley Field.” When the Tigers took three out of four to win the ’45 Series, a telegram arrived in the offices of P. K. Wrigley: “WHO STINKS NOW?”

And thus the Billy Goat Curse was born.

For years, the Cubs and the Sianis family tried to make amends. In 1969, a year before he died and with the Cubs running away with the NL East, Bill Sianis — whom the great Mike Royko would eulogize as “Chicago’s greatest tavern keeper” — declared the curse officially over; but it didn't help the Cubs finished well out of first place.

In ’84 the Cubs invited a goat to Opening Day, and after 39 years the team finally finished in first place, but lost the division.

So maybe the curse has finally been lifted.

About Fly The "W" - The storied history of the W runs better than 100 years, so no better place to uncover the myth and facts about the flag than via the Chicago Tribune.

Cedar's Take: Baseball is somewhat new in the South. In 1966 Atlanta investors convinced Major League Baseball that the South would indeed support baseball. Ted Turner made the Braves a house hold name with TBS which went head to head with the Cubs when WGN Chicago's entry to cable television.  

So how is it that a Southerner is a Cubs fan? Well, the Braves and the Red Sox (Mrs. Cedar's Team) had a tough season, so its pretty easy to drop back to the time when the family chased jobs in the epicenter of the industrial revolution. Cedar's Grandfather came to Chicago in 1946 working for International Harvester and soon became one of those fedora and suit wearing gentlemen in those photos of Cub fans in the 1940's. His glove and baseball from 1945 have resided on my office bookshelf since his death 26 years ago.

Go Cubs Go!

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Halloween Has It Lost Its Value?

Is there any social value left to trick or treat?

A ten year old stands in my doorway, we've opened the door because we got tired of waiting for the dwarf in the store bought Batman costume to ring the door bell. He grunts something unintelligible thrusts his bag forward, I dump a handful of Butterfingers and KitKats into the opening, he pivots walks down the driveway, Mrs. Cedar yells "Happy Halloween" as he hops aboard his parents golf cart and is whisked to the next house 50 feet away.

There's no cheerful Linus and Lucy chorus of "trick or treat" no exclamation of joy that I just delivered 3 full size Butterfingers into his bag or even a thank you. I might as well been handing out rocks.

Its hard not to reminisce about my childhood, but when I was 10 we went on our own. We ran in a pack of six or seven friends, taking a couples of little brothers if ordered to do so. We RAN from house to house, until our bags where so full we couldn't carry them. At home we traded gum, for sweet tarts, milky ways for snickers, popcorn balls for fire balls.

As kids in the 1970's we learned self reliance, we realized people gave more treats if your were nice, please and thank you were automatic. We enjoyed being outside that one last time before winter set in, screaming loudly in the cool crisp air, our voices carried on the wind like leaves rushing across the pavement.We wore ourselves out. We slept hard and would do it again the next night if we could.

I never once wore a store bought costume, or rented one. Most were simple, some wonderfully elaborate, all pieced together or made from my mothers imagination.

I had to look it up on google to be sure, but fact we covered 4 square miles most years, 100 plus homes. We had favorite targets, Mr and Mrs Turner always gave out huge jaw breakers. We canvased other kids, learned who was giving out silver dollars and who was giving out apples. We avoided the apples, too heavy we would tell out parents.

Today helicopter parents, I guess are need, most have a fear of abduction, child molesters, drunk drivers. X-Ray your candy has apparently been replace by just throwing it away.

Id just don't know what do you think?

Michael Renard Grace Crime Career Comes To An Abrupt End

Via AP: Police in Charlotte have released the name of a person shot and killed by a Pizza Hut restaurant employee during a robbery attempt.
A police statement Sunday night said the victim was 28-year-old Michael Renard Grace.
Police say a restaurant employee used his own handgun to shoot and kill one of three people trying to rob the store near Interstate 85 early Sunday. Detectives say the restaurant was closed and there were no customers inside.

Police say their investigation indicates three people entered the restaurant around 1:40 a.m. Sunday and were robbing it when one of the employees shot one suspect. Police say a handgun carried by the dead man was found at the scene.

The two other suspects ran away and haven't been arrested.

Monday, October 31, 2016

Monday Odds and Ends World Gone Mad Edition

U One Week Left - And the madness finally comes to an end. - Or does it?

Anthony Wiener - aka Carlos Danger spends his nights sending text messages to a 15 year old Gaston County girl, telling her he's "Hard" so the Fed's grab his iPhone, iPad and Laptop. Of course they are looking to nail his sorry ass to the wall, but hey wait what the heck is this???

The feds discover 650,000 emails are on his computer that belong to Hillary Rodham Clinton. 650,000 that's Six Hundred and Fifty Thousand emails. Not on a Gmail server but on the "hard" drive of a laptop.

The Clinton operatives go totally defensive and promptly claim that the emails are neither to or from the HRC secret (aka private) server. Well of course not, this is the back up stash given to Hillary's gal-pal Huma who just happens to be or was married to Anthony Wiener.

So here you go, this is where this is all going,  -  it is no longer about did HRC violate the law with regards to her private email server, its about perjury and obstruction of justice. Hillary has said time and time again, she didn't recall, she didn't, and that is was only bad judgment and a mistake. Cedar's money is on the email's are the smoking gun, to a massive cover-up. And its that's the case it will indeed be "bigger than Watergate".

Panthers Finally - The Carolina Panthers finally figure a way to get a win that was a "team effort" and what does Cam Newton do? Number "1" starts crying about getting hit outside the pocket, "I don't even feel safe" followed by "I'm going to talk to Roger Goodell".

Cedar's Take: Cam, time to put down the pom poms and get in there with the rest of the varsity. 9 Roughing calls since 2013 that's more than Brady, Big Ben or Rodgers. Once you leave the pocket you are not a QB your are Steve Smith a very big Steve Smith and its gonna hurt when they try to take your head off.

Hillary's Blue Collar Roots (Not) - Hillary Clinton loves to tell crowds she was raised in a working class Chicago family that taught her a "blue collar" work ethic. Well that's bull shit. Around Charlotte we would compare Park Ridge to Myers Park or Eastover in the 1950s. 

Hillary Rodham Clinton's Childhood Home
In the late 1950's and early 1960's Park Ridge was the place for up and coming families. New homes, wide streets, new schools and churches and planned communities. The well off white Americans that could afford to live in the Chicago suburbs and drive to work or "ride the train" rather that take the "L" or street car to work, paid the high prices to live in these new larger homes.
Cedar's Mother's Home on North McVicker Avenue Chicago
Chicago's working class lived several miles into the city in places like Jefferson Park. The home in the above photo is where my mother grew up and attended Taft High School. This is a "2 flat" a vertical duplex. My mother, her parents, brother and sister, lived on the first floor another family lived upstairs. A shared garage accessed via an alley around back. It was modest, but a comfortable life.

Her father, my grandfather was a welder at Mars Candy Company and walked to the factory just down the street about a dozen blocks away.

Just down the street from Hillary Clinton's home the (Members Only) Park Ridge Country Club.

It is sad to see the world buy into Hillary's lies, and fabrications that she's been telling for so long she actually believes them to be true. But like taking sniper fire in Bosnia, the liberal media gives Hillary a free pass and she see's that as validation, so it must be true.

BRB Just Crashed Into a Cop Car - A 19-year-old student at Texas A&M University was arrested on Wednesday night after police say she crashed her SUV into the back of a parked cop car, while taking a drunk and topless selfie.

Miranda Kay Rader
A police officer in Bryan, Texas was interviewing witnesses in response to a disturbance call on Wednesday night when an SUV ran into the rear end of his police cruiser, according to the police report.

The officer described in his report how he approached the SUV and found Miranda Kay Rader scrambling to put her shirt back on, although her bra still unfastened.  He also described observing an open wine bottle in her vehicle.

Rader apparently explained to the officer that she was driving back to her dorm room and was trying to send a Snapchat photo to her boyfriend in the moments before the crash.

Although she did not report any injuries, Rader was taken to the hospital to obtain a blood sample after failing part of the field sobriety tests.  

She was then arrested and charged with driving while intoxicated with an open container, and also received a ticket for being a minor in possession of alcohol.

Rader was held in the Brazos County Jail until posting $2,000 bail on Thursday morning.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Wells Fargo Wide Reaching Fallout

You cut-up your Wells Fargo check card right after they took over your First Union - Wachovia Bank account. Now your laughing at those who stayed with the super mega bank.

Not so fast sweetheart....

CP thinks the joke is likely on you. Behind the scenes, bankers at 5th Third, Yadkin and BB&T are reportedly scrambling to review their accounts and incentive programs.

If you're an idiot like Elizabeth Warren you're too busy tending to your own hubris agenda and screaming at Well Fargo's CEO to understand that every bank employee at every bank in the nation has an incentive program that mirrors Wells Fargo in one way or another.

That's why the second tier banks are spending crazy amounts of overtime wages scouring signature cards and credit card applications, comparing new account forms to existing account data on file.

As the review continues, it is also expanding. At one bank a review of one month's new credit card applications started by only looking at recently opened but un-activated credit cards. That review was to confirm the signatures were the same. If the review turned up different signatures or the reviewer thought the comparison was inconclusive the process was escalated for additional review, and if needed a call to the customer.

Word is that the review is now expanding to prior months and is expected to continue into 2017. The costs of these in-depth reviews will of course be passed to customers and shareholders.

The bottom line is the Wells Fargo fiasco is going to cost you one way or another even if you are not a Wells Fargo customer.

CP Bonus: If you think the new account scam is just at banks guess again. There is a huge push by retailers like Lowes, Belk, Target and more to get you to open a "house branded credit card". That cashier isn't trying to be nice, there's a bounty on your head. There's an cash incentive sometimes pretty large paid to low level sales clerks to get you to open an new credit card account.

Already have a Talbot's Credit Card no problem lets open another one for you. How? Just watch the sales clerk enter your name just slightly different than your original card and bam you're got two accounts. Doesn't matter if you use the card the sales associate gets a bonus and your credit score gets dinged.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Kathleen Kane Former Attorney General Sentenced To Prison

Yesterday Kathleen Kane was given slap on the wrist for using her position as Pennsylvania's highest ranking law enforcement officer to rage a personal war against those who crossed her. She was facing up to 24 years for trying to cover up the misdeeds and lying to a grand jury. 

But the story ended up being buried on page 12 of the New York Times. Had she been a republican from a neighboring state given an active prison sentence this photo (above) would have been on the front page.

Instead The New York Times ran the story with this photo (below), on page 12, because she is a democrat and Hillary Clinton supporter.

NORRISTOWN, Pa. — The brief, unlikely political career of Kathleen G. Kane, Pennsylvania’s brightest rising star when she was elected attorney general less than four years ago, came to a humiliating close on Monday when a judge sentenced her to 10 to 23 months in prison for her conviction on charges of perjury and abuse of her office.

Ms. Kane, 50, rose to power as a Democratic outsider with no political experience, vowing to shake to its foundations the state’s male-dominated, corruption-prone political establishment that she mocked as “the Harrisburg old boys.” At times she succeeded, forcing the ouster of State Supreme Court justices, prosecuting government officials and clashing repeatedly with one of her predecessors, Tom Corbett, a Republican who had become governor.

But she soon created a scandal of her own, illegally leaking grand jury records in an attempt to discredit a critic and then lying about it to a different grand jury. In August, a Common Pleas Court jury here found her guilty of two felony perjury charges and seven misdemeanor counts, forcing her to resign from office.

She broke down in tears on Monday while testifying at her sentencing hearing, pleading with the judge to consider her two teenage sons.

“Maybe I deserve everything I get; they don’t,” she said. “I am not going to ask for your mercy because I don’t care about me anymore.”

Called to testify on her behalf, her son Chris, 15, said: “My mom is like my rock. We just know that we can’t lose our mom.”

She faced a maximum sentence of 12 to 24 years in prison, but her lawyers argued that the loss of her career and reputation was punishment enough.

Judge Wendy Demchick-Alloy, however, said, “Any lesser sentence than total confinement will absolutely depreciate the seriousness of the crime.”

Ms. Kane, who had no visible reaction to the sentence, will remain free on bail pending an appeal.

A daughter of a janitor and a secretary, Ms. Kane grew up in Scranton and worked there as an assistant district attorney, specializing in prosecuting sex crimes. She married Christopher Kane, whose family owns a successful trucking business; she and her husband are now separated and in divorce proceedings.

When she began her 2012 run for attorney general, she was considered a long shot, virtually unknown in political circles, but her husband put more than $2 million into her campaign.

Ms. Kane emphasized her status as the outsider and the only woman in the race. She charged that Governor Corbett, when he was attorney general, had dragged his feet for years over whether to bring child molestation charges against Jerry Sandusky, an assistant football coach at Penn State, who was eventually convicted.

After taking office in January 2013, she started an investigation into the Sandusky case. It did not find any misconduct in the way the case had been handled, but it uncovered thousands of emails sent by state officials with pornographic, racist or sexist content.

As Ms. Kane’s own legal fortunes deteriorated over the past two years, she released troves of bombshell emails, forcing the resignations of two State Supreme Court justices and some officials who had worked in the attorney general’s office under Mr. Corbett.

It was one of several battles she fought with the state’s mostly Republican establishment, at first earning widespread praise as well as condemnation.

In her first few months in office, she rejected Mr. Corbett’s plan to privatize management of the state lottery, refused to defend in court the state’s ban on gay marriage, offered only a lukewarm defense of a voter identification law, and exposed corruption at the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission. She also gave a promotion to her twin sister — who had worked for years in the attorney general’s office — prompting accusations of nepotism.

In those first months, she also shut down a secret sting case that had started under Mr. Corbett and had recorded four state legislators and a judge — all Democrats from Philadelphia — accepting illegal gifts. A year later, when The Philadelphia Inquirer revealed that the operation had taken place and that Ms. Kane had shut it down, she faced claims of partisan favoritism. Ms. Kane said the cases had been mismanaged and too weak to prosecute; local prosecutors later proved her wrong, winning convictions against four of the five officials.

Her actions led to a feud with Frank G. Fina, a former top state prosecutor who had overseen the sting operation and the Sandusky case. Seeking to undercut Mr. Fina, Ms. Kane leaked to The Philadelphia Daily News information about a grand jury investigation he had been involved in — a leak that would lead to the criminal investigation of her actions.

Ms. Kane developed a reputation for trying to intimidate critics, and described herself as a victim of the entrenched boys’ club she was threatening.

Erik Olsen, the chief of the criminal prosecution division in the attorney general’s office, who was called Monday as a prosecution witness, described a campaign of “systemic firings and Nixonian espionage.”

“She created a terror zone in this office,” he said.

Jon Hurdle and Richard Perez-Pena a couple of unknown NYT staffers get the byline and props for shining a light on some of her Clintonisque dealings.

Cedar's Take: Get used to it sweetheart this is how democrats roll, even those who are caught are given a free pass.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Hey Trolls - I'm Ken Bone

Ken Bone debate questioner and undecided American seems like a nice guy, until internet trolls dug up his past comments on Naked JLaw, Trayvon Martin, and (yikes) his sex life.

I'm pretty sure if you dug around long enough the trolls would have a nutty over what I've posted over the last decade.

So, come on trolls here you are:

Naked JLaw - If you dig back far enough you will find that CP has been a fan of the actress long before Hunger Games. Winter's Bone an Indy film that screened at Sundance in 2010 brought Lawrence into the pubic realm in a dramatic role that she really did surpass with the popular Hunger Games. So when Jennifer Lawerce turned up on the Internet naked I was shocked and appalled that people would gawk at her nakedness and I refused to be a part of that ......

Are you kidding me of course I looked, and what I saw wasn't bad, oh she looks great naked but there was something else. What I saw was the anti Kim Kardashen. JLaw simply stated looked fragile, vulnerable, sad and insecure. 

Trayvon Martin - CP is on the record saying Trayvon Martin died needlessly, but his shooting was totally justified.  George Zimmerman came across as a law enforcement wannabe nut job. Time has proved both opinions are dead on.

Both "Black Lives Matter" and "Hands Up Don't Shoot" are myths. The African American Community has embraced a culture of violence, a culture of "free stuff" and a culture of scamming. The result is a segment of society that is totally dependent on government, yet resents government because to the so called unfair justice system, and claims the current system of credit reporting is biased in favor of white privilege.

It will take 100 years to change this maybe longer, perhaps never.

LBGT and so on - Stupid Faggot, That's So Gay, Queer As A Steer, Dumb Dikes and so on. Yep I've said all that. CP has a couple of gay friends, known dozens that I've enjoyed their company and I work with several. 

I don't agree with their lifestyle, but I don't buy into its a sin bull shit either, it's just I can't get my head around looking at some guys hairy ass and thinking to myself yum yum. 

I've watched a friend breakdown at the death of his life long partner after caring for him for several years after he suffered a stroke. I came to understand their love and commitment. 

Yet I object to their in your face out, loud and proud antics. I'd personally like to punch in the face the idiots that made the tranny bathroom issue into the malestorm that it's become. 

Sexlife - Un like Donald Trump I'm not about to walk up to you and just start kissing away. In fact I don't take hints particularly well, and I'm rarely the one to make the first move. 

That said, I've been invoked with someone half my age, dated a TV newsreporter yes she was totally psycho, married three times, slept with my ex-wife's best friend, slept with my girlfriend's younger sister and older sister in law, dated the daughter and the mother, revisited old relationships and found out nothing has changed and regret nearly 100 missed connections. Most of which can be summed up with my answer to the question why didn't you ever? Because I'm not Donald Trump!

Gun Control, Abortion, Death Penalty, Taxes - Gun control, No sort of - some people should never own a gun, Abortion, I'm pro-life for me and pro-choice for you, Death Penalty, a total barbaric waste of time and money, but "he needed killing", Taxes, like Donald Trump I've managed to use the system to avoid paying crazy amounts of income taxes, but that was after having endured crazy amounts of investment losses thanks to scammers (see above) the bottom line abolish the tax code, implement a national sales tax.